Frequently Asked Questions

  • What color is the stone?

    • The stone is either beige or black. Not all products are available in black. You can specify your preference when placing your order.

  • Can we visit the quarry?

    • You are welcome to come and see our newly renovated showroom.
      Yard tours are available only if prearranged with management. If you have arranged a yard tour, proper safety wear must be worn in order to enter the yard.

  • Does the stone fade?

    • Yes - If the project is outdoors the stone will lighten to warm grey/beige after a couple of years. If the project is indoors - the color will not fade.

  • Is this real stone?

    • Yes it is. Quarried from our property just outside Wiarton, it is 100% natural stone. Do not be fooled by imitators.

  • What is the lead time for material?

    • Each product has its own lead time depending on available raw product, volume of orders and time of year. Check NEW & NOTABLE for our immediately available products.

  • How much does stone weigh?

    • Our dolomite limestone layers average 165 lbs per cubic foot. The eramosa marble averages 177 lbs per cubic ft.

  • What about shipping?

    • We do not have trucks of our own - we can give you the phone numbers of trucking companies that you can hire.

  • Do you have a second's pile we can pick stone from?

    • No. You need to place an order for stone.

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